Side Note

While I didn’t want to admit it to myself, I think it is pretty obvious that I will not be able to chronologically post all the things we did/do in a timely manner. Since our Taiwan adventures (that still have a few blog posts left) we went to Shanghai, my friends came to visit me here in Japan and I have thousands of new photos that I wanted to share. In about two weeks I’ll fly back to Germany for the holidays and I am pretty sure that I’ll have a lot that I want to share from there as well (be it only pictures of the Christmas markets).

My freelance work schedule keeps me rather busy and I must say, that it feels very good and I hope it will stay that way. Of course, that means that there might be times where the next blog post has to wait a while, but I decided that I am okay with that. I’d rather show and tell you something that I loved/experienced in my own pace than force myself to write after a rigid schedule. And this way I’ll always have something up my sleeve in case I end up spending weeks at a time at home because of work.

So that’s the last “I’m so sorry I haven’t written in so long” post on here and I hope that you’ll stay anyway šŸ˜‰

Nezu Museum Garden


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