Motivational yogurt lids gone wrong

I don’t know if you have them in your country as well (I certainly don’t know any in Germany), but here in Japan some of the yogurts have motivational messages and quotes on their underside. So when you eat your yogurt in the morning you might get an motivational “Today will be a great day!” or maybe even a well-meant advise like “Eat more Apples, they are healthy”.

But today, sitting alone at home, on the sofa next to the window that looks out over the street and a pedestrian bridge, the following message was just a teensy bit creepy…

Motivational yogurt lids gone wrong

“There is certainly someone seeing/watching you” …
I suppose that was meant to be a “Don’t be sad if you feel alone, there’s certainly someone out there who already has you on his/her mind”, but I couldn’t help taking it literally.
And it is literally creepy.

Who wants this kind of messages on their yogurt?

8 thoughts on “Motivational yogurt lids gone wrong

  1. That’s very odd message.^^
    It means that someone will appreciate your kindness and effort which you don’t show off, I guess. Do you make sense? sorry for my poor English

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