Looking For A Place To Stay In Tokyo? Try Cozy Shinjuku (コージー新宿).

A great review (^_^)
I’m always looking for places to stay in Tokyo (and Japan in general) and especially if you plan to stay for a longer period an apartment (where you can wash your clothes etc.) does come in handy. And if it’s such a great bargain, too, there’s really no argument against it 😉

Etui Trove

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Airbnb Shinjuku apartmental short-term rental accommodationwww.airbnb.com/rooms/2352536

I came across this affordably priced Shinjuku apartment while scouring through Airbnb. So here’s a full review of the place where I stayed for 9 nights during my recent Tokyo trip.

1. Location

Airbnb Shinjuku accommodation Location and station proximity description as in Airbnb

This studio is in a 3 storey walk-up apartment with the building name of  コージー新宿 (pronounced “Ko-Ji Shinjuku”, or Cosy Shinjuku) located at 6-4-17 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo). It appears to be a vacation rental accommodation; and one of my neighbours is an elderly couple from Mumbai on a 3 week break in Japan (how nice!). The neighbourhood is a quiet residence with clean streets, eateries, convenience stores (Family Mart, 7-11), and a vending machine if you need a midnight drinks run.

My clocked pace to the Shinjuku Gyoenmae station is a brisk 8 minute walk, which includes waiting time…

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