Sunday Inspiration

While casually browsing through my facebook feed I stumbled upon a shared link of a fellow Japan lover and followed it to the SPLOID website. Embedded in the short article is the following video made by Scott Gold who visited Tokyo, Kyoto and Yudanaka in January with his wife.

This video took me by surprise. It is stunningly beautiful and makes me want to book a flight to Japan right away. If you have the time (end even if you don’t, really, make some) sit down and watch this video.

6 thoughts on “Sunday Inspiration

  1. Amazing video! Though the scenes of Japan are great whats more impressive is the production and cinematography of the video, including the camera shots, editing, and music. It all goes together to make an awe-inspiring end product.


  2. Reblogged this on Self Taught Japanese and commented:
    I’m normally not one for recycling things presented by others, as I like to create my own content or at least present a different angle. But this video I about Japan that I caught sight of was so awesome I just had to reblog it. The sites of Japan are of course awesome, but even more so the cinematography, music selection, and overall production of this video are superb. A must see!


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